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    The Gods of Man


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    The Gods of Man

    Post by Admin on Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:39 pm

    This is a record, given to mankind by the Divines. So that we may know them and serve them. These are the Gods as know to the realm of man through out all of Averon.

    • The chief God among these is Athir (Know to Erithians as Aylhir. To the Smyrtans & Ecrusians, Aydur. To the Cenians & Kyprians Alios. And to the Umoni and Uqauni, Ayal) He is the father to all other Gods, He is the creator of time and the realm of Averon.

    • Next to Athir, his wife Mytheria (Know to Erithians as Mythra. To the Smyrtans & Ecrusians, Myzatala. To the Cenians & Kyprians Mythrisia. And to the Umoni and Uqauni, Msizi) She is the goddess of knowledge and logic. She gave man the first knowledge of magic.

    • The third chief deity is Xolnir (Know to Erithians as Xorin. To the Smyrtans & Ecrusians, Xyande. To the Cenians & Kyprians Xondis. And to the Umoni and Uqauni, Xyalar) He is brother to Athir and the god of justice and law, He gave man the means to govern themselves.

      These are the there masters to the pantheon of man, the most ancient and powerful of the gods.

      the minor gods are all the children of Athir and Mytheria. with the exception of the daughter of Xolnir

    • the favored son of which is Mordroth (Same to all). He is the first born of Athir, god of war,fire, government, and vengeance. The Patron of Protection.

    • The daughter of Xolnir - Taevinea (Same to all). The goddess of love, mercy, beauty, marriage, and sexual desire. she is also the Patron Guardian of Children.

      Among the gods there are two sets of twin gods. the first of these twins are Wyndgar and Fjorgar. (Same to all).

    • Wyngar - goddess of the sky, wind, ice and snow. she is the Patron of the New Year.
      Fjorgar - god of the rushing waters, rivers, lakes, and seas. Master of storms and bringer of rain. He is the Patron of the Harvest Season.

      The second set of twins are Korgar and Wulfgar(Same to all).

    • Korgar - god of earth, stone, mountain and the deeps. Watcher of the plains and valleys. Patron of Strength.
      Wulfgar - god of trees, forrests, and the wild beasts. Master of the Changing Season and Patron of the Hunt.

    • Torgon(Same to all).- god of iron, steel, and precious gems and metals. He is the master of work, trade, and commerce. Patron to blacksmiths, tailors and crafters.

    • Vanitos (same to all) - god of the Day, sunrise and healing. Patron of Preists.

    • Vinitos (same to all) - god of the Night, sunset and death. Patron of funerals and burials.

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