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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules

    Post by Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:00 pm

    Character rules are basic guidelines to follow while in character, and guidelines for creating a character

    Again, no godmodding
    We ask you use original races native to RoA, but we do make exceptions for any race with in the realm of D&D.

    Proper Character format is as follows

    Member Name: Admin

    Character Name: Balvrath Zevari

    Race: Dragonborn

    Age: 23

    Height: 7'2"

    Weight: 360lbs

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class: Paladin

    Deity: Bahumut

    Personality: ETC....

    Appearance: ETC...

    Mannerisms: ETC...

    Back Story: ETC...



    [b]Member Name[/b]:

    [b]Character Name[/b]:











    [b]Back Story[/b]:



    For a general guide on how to create your character, use the format and rules for! The D&D 4th edition handbook. As stated before, races either native to RoA or D&D
    To learn about the native RoA races check out the lore section. Races of D&D can be found in multiple player hand books.

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